Organizational chart from Domino Directory

Using Xpages you can build up an Organizational chart directly from your Domino Directory (names.nsf), which can looks like the picture below:


To do this you need a proper data on each person document, mainly Manager’s name, which is used to build up a structure from the bottom to the top. Something like this:


For the chart creation we are using Google Organizational Chart, which is accepting data in json, in the form of table.

A table with three string columns, where each row represents a node in the orgchart.


Here are the three columns:

 – Column 0 – The node ID. It should be unique among all nodes, and can include    any characters, including spaces.

 – Column 1 – [optional] The ID of the parent node. This should be the unformatted value from column 0 of another row.

 – Column 2 – [optional] Tool-tip text to show, when a user hovers over this node.


Each node can have zero or one parent node, and zero or more child nodes. Something like this:



So the main task in Xpages is to generate this data structure from Domino directory and send it to chart generator.