Push alerts from XPages to mobile devices

I’ve developed mobile version of our HelpDesk application recently. Application is based on XPages and one of the request was to send a problem marked as critical directly to support staff’s mobile devices. After some searching I’ve found  product called Pushover. You can download it to your device from App Store or Google Play. The good news is that you pay just 4,99$ for the application not any monthly payments. First five days are even for free to test it. 

How it works:

1. Install Pushover on your mobile device

2. Register yourself on their site, by this you get User Name, which you can use on all your devices.


Then you have several options how to send messages to your mobile device:

1. by email to address: username@api.pushover.net

2. POST an HTTPS request to their server with several parameters


It is working beautifully and it is very easy to implement into your application, not only build in XPages, but also in standard Notes client, email, Windows command line etc. See more details on their web page

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